Solving the Energy Crisis by Going Green

Solving the energy crisis by going green may be quite a challenge. Of course there is new technology that uses clean sources of energy and minimizes pollution. For example, driving hybrid and electric vehicles contributes to a green lifestyle. However, being green today or tomorrow will not clean up the mess and pollution of yesterday. In other words, people also need to think about ways to clean up the pollution that has accumulated for centuries since the industrial age.

Going green in the household requires using electricity and water less frequently. This may include installing Read the rest of this entry »

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How Much do You Know About Alternative Energy?

Alternative energy, also called renewable energy, comes from natural sources like wind, sunlight, water and tides.

The ancient Chinese used windmills for power back in 200 BC to pump water and grind grain. The Romans used a series of aqueducts and pipes to heat homes with geothermal energy. In the 19th century, coal and wood were used to supply most of America’s energy needs.

The modern interest in renewable energy is propelled by the concern that we are running out of oil. However, new discoveries of giant natural gas fields are providing breathing space until we learn how Read the rest of this entry »

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What Kinds of Alternative Energy Sources Are There?

We’ve been hearing for years about our vanishing precious resources. Many people have begun to do something about it by switching to an alternative source of energy. There are many different energy sources to choose from, including solar, wind and water power and biomass.

Solar power is generated via solar panels that capture the sun’s rays. These can be easily installed onto the roofs of houses, and require no financial input after installation. This makes solar energy a great choice for many homeowners, as the panels don’t take up space.

Wind power is another great alternative. Power is generated via Read the rest of this entry »

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When will we cut that cord to the power station?

To renewable energy engineers and enthusiastic amateurs alike, the sun is infuriating. It sits there in the sky, incredibly distant but yet close enough to shower the earth with unthinkable amounts of energy, and what do we humans do? We dig coal from under the earth and burn it, or worse, play with the fire of the gods – nuclear energy. If we could only tap the sun’s inexhaustible supply of energy!

Scientists tell us that, on paper, the sun provides enough heat to cool all buildings in summer, heat them in winter, drive manufacturing and processing plants, and move us around in cars, buses, trains, and planes. There’s enough energy coming from the sky to run the entire planet. The problem is converting the rays of the sun into useable energy.

The sun’s rays are, of course, already being used on a massive scale. You don’t agree? Let me ask; how many trees are there on this planet? They form an unimaginably large oxygen production plant that keeps every breathing thing on earth alive. Its power source? Nothing but the sun. For all these reasons, humanity’s collective mind should have been thinking: ‘Hm, how can we tap this energy source?’ Instead, for decades, not much thought went into energy production except, ‘How can we burn even more massive amounts of coal to generate even more electricity?’ It took the horrors of nuclear explosions and accidents and signs of impending catastrophic climate change to start humanity on the path of renewable energy.

But let’s get closer to home. How can I, as an individual, make use of the sun’s energy to lower my energy bill? The sun’s rays are still free, aren’t they? One of the easiest ways of harnessing sun power is to use its energy to heat your home’s water. For this purpose you don’t have to go the roundabout way of converting sunlight to electricity through photovoltaic cells (sun panels), and then use that electricity to drive an electric element which heats the water. We can directly catch the heat and apply it to the water through a device known as a solar collector. Lately, there have been increasingly ingenious way of applying that heat to the water.

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In coming years, we can expect to see more and more solar technologies coming on the market. Will we be in time to change the dynamics of climate change? I don’t know. But solar technology might be in time to save my pocketbook from the ravages of the old smoke-spewing power station and its mighty Accounts Receivable department – you know, those people who can freeze you, starve you, make your computer die, let your food go bad, and prevent you from shaving your beard (or your lawn) if you don’t pay their bill.

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Why We Need to Use Alternative Energy Sources

People have been hearing about the dangers facing the environment for years, and yet the world has not ended. For some, it must seem like maybe it’s not really that big of a deal. However, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that the health and survival of all humans on our planet depends on our ability to harness alternative energy sources. If we do not change how we coexist with the Earth, then the Earth is going to start making some changes of its own. Our air, water, food supply, the land we have available to live Read the rest of this entry »

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Understanding What Alternative Energy Sources Are

Alternative energy sources refer to nearly any source of energy that does not require the consumption of fossil fuels. The main sources of alternative energy are wind, water and sun.

Wind power is generated by large turbines that capture the wind’s power without creating pollution. Turbines are usually placed on hillsides or offshore where they will receive the most consistent wind. Although wind power is a green energy source, many consider the turbines to be an eye sore and complain about the humming sound that the machines produce in country settings.

Hydro power refers to any power generated Read the rest of this entry »

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Helping the Planet with Alternative Energy Sources

People who are green-minded are all for swapping fossil fuels for alternative energy sources. Aside from being good for the environment, alternative energy is also good for your wallet, since it helps keep your utility bills down. There are a few different types of renewable energy sources, but wind power and solar power are the two most popular and well-known types.

Wind Power

Wind power is very abundant and it can be a consistent source of energy. Wind Read the rest of this entry »

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How Can Alternative Energy Sources Benefit You?

Most people have heard the term “living green” but not many people understand the many benefits to using alternative energy sources. A majority of energy in the U.S. comes from fossil fuels, which includes natural gas, coal and oil. These energy sources are non-renewable, which means that once they run out, there won’t be any more left. When these fossil fuels are a thing of the past, alternative energy sources are what people are going to rely on.

When people turn fossil fuel into energy, a ton of risks come along with the conversion. The air and water Read the rest of this entry »

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Advantages of Using Alternative Energy Sources

The main advantages of using alternative energy sources is reducing environmental pollutants and the reliance on fossil fuels.

Alternative energy sources include solar, wind and hydro power. These energy sources provide power with minimum impact to the environment. Out of the three sources, solar power is considered the most clean source because it has the least impact on native animal species and habitats.

It is necessary to continue to develop alternative energy sources to eliminate the world’s reliance on finite power sources. Creating energy from fossil fuel sources tends to rely on dangerous retrieval practices.

The United Read the rest of this entry »

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